When you think about visiting the dentist, you probably primarily think about your regular dental exam visits. But certain situations could leave you wondering if your dentist is available at a moment’s notice.

If you ever find yourself needing emergency dentistry, don’t panic. Mandana Kheshtchin, DDSBrent Woodmansee, DMD, and our team at A&N Dental offer this type of dental care at our office in Tempe, Arizona. We’re here whenever you have an incident that leaves you or one of your loved ones with mouth pain. Call us or simply walk in during business hours to get prompt care to alleviate your discomfort and protect your smile.

When do people choose emergency dental care? Let’s look at a few common situations.

Lost fillings and crowns

If you have a crown or a filling, you know it’s in place to protect your tooth, so if it falls out, it can be particularly disconcerting.

Maybe you bit into something too hard. Maybe your filling or crown fell out during an accident, like a sports injury or a trip-and-fall incident. Or maybe you don’t know what caused your lost filling or crown — you just know that it’s not in your mouth anymore.

No matter the cause, Dr. Woodmansee and Dr. Kheshtchin are here to put the protection your tooth needs back in place as quickly as possible. The moment you notice a lost crown or filling, visit our office.

Knocked-out, chipped, or cracked teeth

Our teeth are designed to be hard and durable. But that doesn’t mean they’re accident-proof. If you just chipped or cracked a tooth, make an appointment with us right away.

We can provide the care you need to not just protect your tooth from further trauma, but also to correct it. For example, we may recommend dental bonding to fill in the crack or chip in your tooth, making the chip or crack invisible.

If your tooth was completely knocked out, it’s important that you act fast. Recover the tooth, rinse it gently in water, and put it in a cup with your saliva. Bring the tooth to our office right away. In some cases, we might be able to reset the tooth in your jaw.

Tooth or jaw pain

Sudden pain in your tooth or jaw isn’t something to ignore. It could be a sign of an abscess or another serious dental condition. We offer emergency dentistry care to get you the care you need to resolve the issue — and your discomfort. We believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer through oral pain for weeks while you wait for an appointment.

We offer emergency dentistry services to all of our patients. To get familiar with our practice, call our office in Tempe, Arizona, or book your appointment online today.