If your teeth are dull and discolored, you may be self-conscious about smiling. Stained, dark, or yellowish teeth can make you appear years older than you are. People usually associate yellowish or darker teeth with advanced age.

It’s true that as you age, your tooth enamel can thin. Eventually, it may become thin enough for the yellowish dentin, the material underneath the enamel, to show through. However, younger people can also develop yellow, brown, or otherwise discolored teeth; the cause is almost always lifestyle. Common culprits include smoking; drinking dark beverages such as colas, coffee, tea, and red wine; and even certain foods like blueberries and blackberries.

Whatever the cause, no one wants yellow or brownish, dingy teeth. In our appearance-obsessed culture, having a bright, white smile is a necessary asset. Whether it’s fair or not, people do judge you based on first impressions and appearance. If your teeth are brownish or yellowish, it could affect your business and your social life. In the business world, having an unhealthy-looking smile can result in lost opportunities. One study found that having yellowish, stained teeth are one of the top three negative characteristics on a date.

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Dr. Mandana Kheshtchin with A & N Dental has performed teeth whitening on many of her patients. In-office whitening is quick and easy.

Advantages of professional teeth whitening

There are several key advantages to having your teeth whitened in the dental office.

Immediate results

If you have an important work event or big celebration coming up where you’ll be interacting closely with many people, you may not have time to do at-home teeth whitening, which can be a tedious process. Dr. Kheshchtin can complete teeth whitening in our office in one office visit, within two hours at most. Why? Professional teeth whitening solutions contain much more hydrogen peroxide (up to 40%) than kits from the drugstore (5-6%) or at-home trays (10-15%).

On the other hand, if you use at-home whitening strips, you’ll likely be placing strips on your teeth a couple of times a day for up to two weeks. If you use trays you place over your teeth, you may spend an hour each day on teeth whitening for up to a month.

Dramatic results

Your teeth are going to be up to eight times brighter than they were when you walked into the office. Even with repeated at-home applications, the results won’t match a professional job.

Easy process

Dr. Kheshchtin knows exactly the right amount of solution to place on your teeth to get the best results. First, we prepare your mouth and face for the procedure. All you have to do is sit back and relax until it’s over. There’s no time spent placing your teeth in a gummy solution in uncomfortable trays or remembering to put strips on your teeth.


We make sure your eyes, mouth, and face are protected during the whitening process. Your gums are protected by a barrier.

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