Why You Might Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can feel like a rite of passage, ushering you into adulthood. It’s a fairly unwelcome rite, though, since it involves oral surgery and usually means a couple of days out of commission as you recover, too.

Still, though, there’s a reason so many people get this third set of molars removed. At A&N Dental, our team recommends wisdom teeth extraction when it will help our patients maintain healthy, beautiful, pain-free smiles. Here are the top three reasons we recommend getting your wisdom teeth removed.  

To preserve your smile

You don’t really need a third set of molars. And, oftentimes, your jaw doesn’t really have the space to accommodate them. This can lead to painful problems like impacted wisdom teeth

In those cases, removing your wisdom teeth before they fully grow in prevents problems. In addition to helping you avoid impaction, it also prevents your extra molars from pushing up against your other teeth. This avoids crowding in your smile, meaning you get to enjoy your straight, aligned teeth without problems. 

To protect your jaw

Those impacted wisdom teeth we mentioned earlier? Left untreated, they can lead to cysts. These cysts can damage your jaw, causing hollowing in the place where they form. 

In other words, wisdom teeth removal can help you protect not just your teeth, but your very jaw itself.

To avoid discomfort

When your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow in, they can cause a bunch of painful problems. They can result in sinus pain or gum inflammation and can contribute to cavities. 

People often worry about the discomfort they’ll feel after wisdom teeth removal. But you have two things to consider. First, our advanced wisdom teeth extraction procedure minimizes the pain you feel during your recovery period.

More importantly, getting your wisdom teeth out can help you avoid serious dental issues that can cause intense pain. While recovering from wisdom tooth extraction might mean a day or two of discomfort, that’s nothing compared to the issues you can encounter if you leave these molars in place. 

Wisdom teeth extraction isn’t necessary for everyone. But when it is, it helps you avoid pain while protecting your straight smile and your overall oral health. 

And, fortunately, getting your wisdom teeth out doesn’t have to be a major, painful procedure. We specialize in state-of-the-art, comfortable wisdom teeth extraction. To learn more, call our office in Tempe, Arizona, or book your appointment online today. 

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